Founded in 2012 Be Care aims to provide solutions for the medical-hospital market through products with quality, innovation and safety.

Always along the trends of our market, Be Care provides medical-surgical products to ambulatory care centers, doctors’ offices, laboratories, clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

Our company counts on two divisions of line:
– Be Care HEALTH with products such as surgical gloves, procedure gloves, infusion tubes, catheters, among others.
– Be Care PROFESSIONAL with protection solutions for the professional market in PPG’s homologated in the Ministry of Labor.

In addition to quality products our company has a specialized technical staff always at the disposal of our customers for monitoring, approvals, analyzes, among others.

Be Care is not only concerned with providing quality products, we have a range of values ​​focused on better solutions, such as specialized logistics with speed in deliveries, technical support for end customers and distributors, products with our wide portfolio that covers the medical, surgical channel , Pharmacist, laboratories and PPE, professionals and patients provided better care to their work and their health.